Weserport as a port agency

The clearing of seagoing vessels is an important pillar of our service portfolio. As the captain’s ‘right-hand man’, our employees guarantee smooth docking at all German seaports.


Port agency for worldwide ship calls

Our agency department presently clears around 600 seagoing vessels a year, mainly in the Weser ports of Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brake and Nordenham. We also offer port agency services in Hamburg and internationally for the German Navy and the US Navy. Around 200 worldwide ship calls are cleared by us as a ‘Hub Agency’.

Our port agency services at a glance

We at Weserport provide the following services as your port agent:

  • Coordination of ship calls
  • Coordination of ship deliveries, bunkers, etc.
  • Provisioning
  • Customs clearance
  • Crew change
  • Preparation of cargo documents
  • Detailed port cost accounting
  • Supervision of shipyards and trailers
  • Yacht support
  • And much more...


Our experts are there for you at all times. We will also call you back on request – simple and hassle-free.

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Fast customs clearance

We ensure the fast and complete customs clearance of your goods directly at the terminal.


Worldwide clearance

We take care of the clearance of all kinds of vessels worldwide.


Weserport as a hub

We act as a competent hub between shipowners, charterers, the last agent and many other service providers.